Bucharest, in top 5 least expensive cities worldwide for living costs, study shows

According to Berlin-based Movinga’s 2017 Relocation Price Index, Bucharest – Romania ranks 72 out of 75 worldwide cities, with a basic first month living cost of EUR 546.12.

This compares to the least expensive city Tunis, Tunisia, at EUR 372.59, whilst Luanda, Angola came in as the most expensive at EUR 3052.77.

The same online moving platform Movinga shows that the Romanian capital ranked in position 16 for average relocation costs.

Movinga carried out the research after conducting a poll which indicated that 50 percent of 5,000 respondents aged between 25-35 stated they would look to relocate in the next five years. Understanding the costs associated with moving is very valuable for those who are looking, or being recruited, for jobs abroad.

The study also shows that New York, San Francisco and Zurich are among the priciest cities to move to, while Hong Kong is the most expensive city for cost of relocating and Seoul, South Korea is the most affordable.

“Berlin, Paris, Frankfurt, Dublin and Amsterdam; these are all cities that may be preparing for an influx of banking industry workers due to Brexit,” Movinga’s Managing Director Finn Hänsel stated. “Among the factors that the directors of the banks will have to take into consideration for relocating will be the cost of relocating for employees.

To compile the Index, Movinga first researched the average cost of moving to each city in the ranking. They contacted several moving companies in each city to find the cost of relocating, using the world’s average distance for relocations of 250 km.

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