Executives breaking the borders: Managers’ mobility and professionalism in an economy without frontiers

By Enrico Pedretti – Marketing Director Manageritalia 


Executives breaking the borders is the headline of a survey that Manageritalia and Kilpatrick, in collaboration with AstraRicerche, have been submitting these days to a select audience of executives working abroad.


Aimed to take stock of managers’ mobility and professionalism in a borderless economy, the survey also focuses on the Italian market as one of the potential professional destinations.

The new survey is actually meant to update the findings of an earlier survey conducted in 2013 which turned out being extremely insightful. Almost 500 respondents, fresh insights, trends and extensive media coverage.

This new version is meant to collect feedbacks from expatriated Italian and foreign managers.

The 2013 survey highlighted an increase in mobility and the need to face professional challenges in order to grow in a global scenario. In other words, a must-have opportunity to collect growingly up-to-date experiences, while keeping track of the evolution witnessed in businesses and professions. The one and only way, they said, to be constantly in the market.

Perceived by a great many people as one of the best countries for living or spending a holiday break, Italy did not turn out as a desirable professional destination on account of the following dislikes:

  • a multitude of family-run businesses,
  • little room for managers,
  • overwhelming bureaucracy
  • lack of efficiency

So let us resume talks from here. This time, however, we are not targeting exclusively Italian managers living abroad but foreign managers too.   

Their opinions and feedbacks will help us understand the evolution under way in managers’ mobility and profession as well as the degree of appeal associated with working and living in Italy, be it a first-time or a repeat experience.

Without any further ado, awaiting to share the results globally, let us give the floor to our executives who were asked to kindly fill in a short questionnaire the completion of which takes 10 minutes.

If you are an Italian working abroad, please follow this link.

For all other foreigners, please complete the questionnaire at this link.