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31 January 2017

Moving to Romania

Expats moving to Romania will find it both challenging and rewarding. For many, Romania conjures

31 January 2017

Romania, more attractive for expats than U.S., Germany or Switzerland

Romania has become a more attractive destination for expats than more developed countries such as

22 January 2017

PwC: Romanian CEOs are among the most optimistic business leaders worldwide

Unlike 2016, the CEOs’ confidence in their companies’ own one-year revenue growth is on the

1 December 2016

Why women managers often struggle to reach top-ranking positions

Interview to Cristina Spagna - Managing Director Kilpatrick Italy by Patrizia Capua – La Repubblica

1 December 2016

Trump is about to test our theory of when leaders actually matter

by Gautam Mukunda – the Harvard Business Review I will not pretend that this is

12 October 2016

Social Media L&D’s Untapped Resource

There is a push towards the integration of technology in training environments to enhance the

11 October 2016

Technological Ways to Increase Employee Development

Think about your last team meeting. Did it involve a person standing in front of

11 October 2016

This software can tell your boss if you’re looking for a job

Most people looking for a new job — if they currently have one — use

11 October 2016

We Need a Better Way to Visualize People’s Skills

By 2020, the US economy is expected to create 55 million job openings: 24 million