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31 January 2020

2020 employment trends from HR practitioners

By Sophie Parrott – HR Grapevine  New Year, new plan. Each year, different HR trends

31 January 2020

How New Human-Machine Collaborations Could Make Government Organizations More Efficient

From the Most of today’s jobs will not be here tomorrow. The World Economic

15 January 2020

Predicting Employee Turnover using Machine Learning

by Gabriele Volpi - Head of Digital Technology, Kilpatrick Digital Predicting employee turnover is a

6 December 2019

The future of customer loyalty is digital

Certainly, at a time when competitors are multiplying and offers are increasingly diversified, companies must

2 December 2019

How Technology Is Transforming Executive Coaching

Extract from article Years ago, executive coaching was stigmatized as “remedial help for underperformers.”

27 November 2019

Why invest in Thailand: entrepreneurs met the Board of Investment

Today more and more companies decide to aim at Thailand to gain new market shares

22 November 2019

IT Director: The Necessary Skills To Succeed. The perspective of the Headhunter

by Riccardo Melocchi - International Team Leader at Kilpatrick The times of the old figure

1 November 2019

What eight presidents who weren’t elected can teach us about leadership

By Jena McGregor – The Washington Post EOs who find time in their busy schedules

1 November 2019

The Two Big Reasons That Digital Transformations Fail

By Mike Sutcliff, Raghav Narsalay & Aarohi Sen – the Plenty of cash is

1 November 2019

Gamification in the Workplace: Stats, Engagement, and Examples

From Digitalhrtech  Elements of gamification have well and truly found their place in our personal

16 October 2019

FT envisions Nobel Prize for managers

by Kieran Howells  – HR Grapevine  The Nobel Prize awards are some of the highest accolades

4 October 2019

Revealed: these are the UK’s happiest professions

by Sophie Parrott – Landscaping (86%), dog walking (78%) and counselling (74%) were ranked