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Kilpatrick Global Office In Spotlight: Turkey

This month’s global office in spotlight is Kilpatrick Turkey. Established in 2016 in Istanbul. Kilpatrick Turkey as a part of Kilpatrick’s 18 global offices, specializes in cross-border assignments, The team, led by Ipek ülkeroğlu, an native of Turkey, delivers exceptional results with a clear understanding of the assignment and the pain point the company faces .


Kilpatrick has a 99% on time short-list delivery and 60% and more placements are known to stay in the same position after 3 years.


Since 2016, Kilpatrick Turkey has completed more than 100 assignments in various sectors. Kilpatrick Turkey supports Turkish multinational companies to expand and to grow within Turkey. Our team builds a long-lasting relationship between the clients and candidates. With our global vision, and local expertise we are able to create the right matches between candidates with companies, not only on professional level, the team is also able to have deep understanding of the cultural aspects of cooperation, and place candidates accordingly. It leads to more than 60% of the candidates being likely to stay in the same position after 3 years.

Meet the Turkey team by visiting our website, and follow us on LinkedIn. The office is alway open for a virtual coffee, challenge them with your search.